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Copy Reviews & Funnel Reviews

I’m afflicted with a condition called
There’s Always Room for Improvement.
I’ve had it all my life – so you can bet your booty
I’ll find ways to make your copy or funnel convert better!

If I can’t find at least 5 things to improve on – you get all your money back.


A copy review is perfect for you if…

  • You wrote your own copy & now you want to get a copywriter eye’s on your work for optimal success. 
  • Someone wrote copy for you but you’re not sure it’s actually good  – you want a skilled copywriter who gets results for her clients to cast her trained eye over your copy
  • You want to see if you can get better results than what you’ve been getting
  • You want to make sure your copy is optimized before your funnel goes live – if your copy isn’t poised to convert, you lose sales and waste your ad budget
    Note – The copy review is for (1) sales page (up to 5,000 words) OR an email sequence. You may also purchase a copy review for your opt-in page with FB ad copy. 

Just some of the elements I’ll be examining when I review your copy…


Hook & Lead

Message Match

Voice & tone

Emotional Targeting


Specificity & clarity

Social Proof

Reduced risk & friction


A funnel review is perfect for you if…

  • Want to make sure your funnel is optimized for success before you go live – don’t lose out on sales or waste your ad spend
  • Your funnel just isn’t getting the conversions you want or expected, but you’re not sure what needs fixin’
  • You’re getting ready to launch again or go evergreen and want to know what could use some changing or A/B testing for higher conversions

Just some of the elements I’ll assess when I review your funnel ...

Copy & design

Leaks & links


Congruency across elements and messaging

Lead magnet

Like-know-trust elements

Scarcity & urgency

Guarantees & friction

Misalignment between target audience & offer

Email list quality & segmentation


How copy & funnel reviews work – and what you get…:





  • You decide you want my conversion copywriter expertise on your copy or your funnel for optimal leads, sales, revenue & success.
  • You click the button to order & make your payment.
  • You receive confirmation of your order & a questionnaire, immediately after your purchase, for you to complete so I have the info and links I need.
  • I review your copy or funnel & as I go back through it a second time, I hit record – with your copy or funnel elements on my screen.
  • You get my suggestions & advice to make your copy or funnel convert better – and I’ll share my reasoning
  • I’ll even rewrite a few key lines of copy on the video recording so you get a demo of how a conversion copywriter approaches copy  – and why we write certain things the way we do and how we optimize copy to make it better.
  • After I record my review, I send it off for transcription so you get the recorded review and a transcript.
  • I send you the video recording, transcript, and an invite to set up a Q&A call. 
  • In our Q&A session on live video you can get your questions answered… and I’ll further explain the thinking behind my suggestions so you can apply them the next time you write or design your funnel!

Turn-around time, once I have the questionnaire and links from you,
is within 5 business days.

Rush service may be available for an additional fee.

My promise to you:
If I can’t find at least 5 things to improve on – you get all your money back.

not like You forgot a comma – #1!
(Plus, this is not an editing & proofreading service.)

Purchases must be redeemed within 90 days.

Refund Policy:
All sales are final. If I determine that this service is not a good fit
once I receive your info, I’ll refund your payment in full.

Note about the copy review:
If you really want a full rewrite or full revision, this is not that service. 

Half-Day Session
Helping you get what you need at a lower price point than done-for-you services


About the Half-Day Session

A half-day includes 3 hours dedicated to you and what you need. To prepare for our time together, I’ll ask you what you’d like to accomplish and then for some information for me to review prior to the half-day.

Payment is due in advance and must be redeemed within 90 days. If for some reason I feel what you need isn’t a good fit for this half-day service, a full refund will be issued. Otherwise, all sales are final.

What can be accomplished in a Half-Day?

How much we actually get done varies from client to client.  Think about ONE of these things:

  • Plan and outline your email strategy with segmentation
  • Work on your USP and messaging 
  • Develop an outline and key points for your sales page
  • Outline your opt-in page copy and FB Ad Copy
  • Optimize your opt-in page copy and design
  • Write some emails
  • Something else you need

In some instances we will work together for the 3 hours,
and other goals will require some alone time for me 😉


(psst… this button isn’t live just yet – write me at for now)

One-hour Jam
Strategy & Consult for an hour on Zoom (or phone if you prefer)

I’m all yours for one hour –
we can review your copy, brainstorm on a lead generation funnel, strategize…
see what’s it like to work with me before a larger investment… whatever you need, I’m here for you.

Payment is due in advance and must be redeemed within 90 days. All sales are final.


(psst… this button isn’t live just yet – write me at for now)