Mentoring Program

Mentoring is currently
available as a 1:1 service


Mentoring may be a perfect fit for you if…

If you’re new-ish to copywriting and want to specialize in conversion copywriting…

If you’re are a digital marketer and need to write copy for clients who may have a budget that doesn’t allow for a professional copywriter…

  • Get feedback on your work so you can improve on it
  • Access to me on Slack when questions arise
  • Request specific topics to focus on
  • Get my secrets and the processes I use for client onboarding and writing copy
  • And more!

Suzanne has been the single biggest gift to my copywriting business. 

From our 1:1 zoom calls to getting quick answers and resources via slack, to receiving leads and reviewing all my work – she has been my secret weapon for the growth of my biz. She has truly had my back as a mentor! I have more than tripled my income since working with her and cannot express enough the potential for growth your copywriting business has too, by linking arms with the magic that is Suzanne!

Dani Paige
Conversion Copywriter

Suzanne took me under her wing when I began my copywriting and digital marketing business. I was initially attracted to her humor and amazed by her superb copywriting skills. She took time to explain things to me, gave me examples, and connected me with other well-known copywriters. I appreciated her patience, willingness to share, and her mentorship. She is the real deal.

Dr. Monea Tamara
Copywriter & Digital Marketing Strategist

5 hour package: $579 USD

Or save money with a 10 hour package: $999 USD

All sales are final. Hours must be used within 6 months of purchase unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by you and me!

If for some reason I don’t think we are a good fit for mentoring once I’ve received your application, a full refund will be issued.